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      1. omg i absolutely ADORE AND LOVE you LaToya and ur my role model and i wish i could were the kind of clothes u do to have SWAGG like u but thats like a dream…and i have question for u….do u think whiping ur hair back in forth makes urself a crazy bitch lol im not allowed to say that but still and yea thats all i got to say xoxoxoxo lots of love from one of ur little role models

      2. Hi Latoya i’m Ariyonne i have a weird name ‘im in a music video where i got my name but anyway…I heard you live in Canada very cold up the i live in Palm,Coast Florida never get’s under the 30’s here so we like to wear bathing suits everyday everyone calls me zebra gurrl for a reason the first year i was born i got zebra print jordan socies and i understand your secrets 8 diffrent schools 7 sibling good and bad!

      3. I love you Latoya I am 10 year old girl and I was supposed to be born on the 25 of October but ten days before I popped out.
        I live in Leicester you should come visit!!!

  1. Hi Latoya! I look at some of your videos on youtube…. girl you are hilarious! I love your style and you have a personality out of this world. In some ways you remind me of myself. Keep up the good work!
    Jheneika 😎

  2. Hey Latoyaa
    Wasssssupp? I absolutely love you and your videos. You are hilarious. You sometimes remind me of me and how I sometimes act, LOL.
    Love you loads, mwah x x x

  3. I can’t find any info on you! I think your video’s are great and they deliver important messages in a clever way. I’m assuming you’re in college? which one? and what’s your major?

  4. hey latoya :):)
    your funny as hell and i love how your so crazzzzy cause im just like that too πŸ˜€
    and i love your videos!!
    random question, how old are you?

      1. Hi Toya im from trini also, and i think you should come visit Trinidad also i will absolutely loveee to meet you so bad ,your soo pretty ,funny , i love your pics and videos and you have such welcoming personality jus love everything abt you <3 hope to i have a chance to talk to you sometime lots of love coming your way form me Lil Kiera πŸ™‚

      1. You should have a concert in my school when you coming again. I watch your videos so much ah kind ah picking up d toya slang. My friend watching your videos now I had to tell dem before they kill meh.lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz u gettin more likes and views just now u will become a star maybe one like Beyonce.oh goshhhhhhhh

  5. I saw your “$#!+ Trini moms say” video and thought it was hilarious! I ended up spending the like next gazillion hours of my life watching your videos and visiting your website. You are soooo entertaining and remind me a lot of myself (too bad I don’t have the courage to expose it all on youtube =p) Keep up the great work!
    P.S. if ya don’t mind me asking, how old are you?

  6. hi toyA!! hailin yuh all the way frm trinidad. only yesterday i found out about u frm a vid
    =(..ikr well all d best stay sweet, wish i cud meet u some time tho. u shud cme for carnival!! =)

  7. Hey LaToya ! I love your videos & my favorite is the Sh*t Carribean mothers say! That was my mom right there it was unbelievable !I was just wondering..Do you live in Toronto now?

  8. Was Di Scene !? lol haha i love your videos they be having me in tears lol but keep doing your thing and im glad to hear that you trini like me πŸ™‚ ayyyeee haha

  9. i love her she so so cool…am jamaican but i have a few trini friends that hang wii me and they are funny as hell…love you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….oh and your vid on youtube omg!! so crazy!!

  10. LaToyaaaaaaaaa love your vids they make me laugh all the time , keep it up. I’m gonna put your vids everywhere, your gonna get so many views you’ll be making some serious YouTube money. πŸ˜€ well keep it real Latoya btw you should make a cinnamon challenge vid

  11. grrrrllllll… you are a hott mess. I stumbled up on you on youtube just browsing around, and I am glad I did. You are hilarious, and not to mention gorgeous!!! Are you a model? ’cause if your not, you need to be ASAP

  12. I absolutely love your videos!! I have a lot of students and colleagues in video that could learn a lot from your presence on camera! I hope to see more of you out there and wish you great success! Keep them coming and thank you for making us smile!

  13. Hey Latoya, Just wanted to say keep up the great work. I’m always watching over your videos. Huge fan and i love your personality. May god continue to bless you

  14. Love yur vids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just started watching one, the “S%*& Trini Mom’s Say” one and started watching the rest. Keep it up doll !! PS. Fellow Trini and Canadian too. Support all de way !!!

  15. hey latoya… i started watching ur videos on youtube and i just love ur charisma and candidness….lolz i am jamaican and i can totally relate to ur caribbean videos πŸ™‚ keep up the good work hon


  17. You are sooooo gorgeous & your videos are hilarious. You are VERY entertaining to watch and i enjoy all of your videos. Keep up the good work and good luck with your tv series πŸ™‚
    -Sincerely Ryan, a loyal fan

  18. Hey LaToya..First of all I have to say that you are really pretty. You’re so gorgeous like its unbelievable. I think your a talented women who makes hilarious & meaningful videos.. I’m Trini my self & you make me PROUD to be one! I just started watching your videos one say & I feel in love with them! I live in Toronto too! I’m so glad I found your videos because they make me soo happy when I’m down! I would love for you to follow me on twitter @carter_wfb because I’m honestly a huge fan & I support you in every single way.
    Love you & your videos ! Take care. God Bless! πŸ™‚

  19. I came across your videos on you tube while browsing for some fresh talents. Was wondering if you got a voice to flow with yo looks. If you can make a video to that it would be great.

  20. Hey Latoya…. WASSUPP!!.. looool
    can u plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz post more vidoes on youtube..lool ur vids makes me laugh sooo much and is Rayshawn real???

  21. I was just BSing on You Tube looking for videos on how to do a weave pony tail and came across you! I LOVE your personality and impersonations! I feel like I may be a little older (28) than your typical audience but I think you are so funny and silly!! lol! God bless you! Keep up the good work girlie πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time out to watch my videos its a great feeling to know that people from all walks of life watch my videos. Thank you so much for the support. πŸ™‚

  22. You are really good! In one of your videos it had a link to see what camera you are using.. but I couldn’t find it. What is the name of the Camera you are using in your videos?? Because you look really good on camera!

  23. I like watching your shows and im moving to Toronto soon even though its far from where i live (London) so it would be nice to meet you in person cos we have the same crazy out going personality. Continue making your funny videos and its great to have courage to post videos on youtube because it would be hard for me to do that LOL . πŸ™‚

  24. heyy LaToya love u lots im one of ur BIGGEST fans even i dont have a cardboard cut out of u or anything….lol……and i live in ajax u shood rlly come down to ajax sometimes……………..so i can mett u!!!!!!! lolol xoxoxoxo byyeeee

      1. Latoya ur the best iloveu crazie lol umm i wanted to say im 11 years old and when i grow up and be 18 pick me up from the airport to canada toronto becuz i wanna see u and samia and adam and ur mom and dad im black white and purtorican and i want to say if u see this let me know huntey and i only got 7 years ill be ready for u 2 pick me up and can u give me a shout out in ur videos ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hey miss Toya, omg giiiirl the first vid i seen of you was the kardashian ponytail, i was trying to learn how to do mines correctly. lol i got stuck because your sooooooooooo funny. i started looking at more vids of you, you inspire me soooooo much esp after having a baby two months ago i have not been feeling like getting dolled up or anything. But after seeing your vids im in the mirror all the time trying to put new looks together. (like now) lol. your amazing and really gifted. keep it up. oh btw i followed you on twitter i wish you can follow bck (=

  26. hey latoya, im from london and i find your videos too funny. especially you aint gangster LOL i love your gold watch i wanna know where you got it and how much? maybe you could email me the details thanks you da best <3

  27. I LOVE your videos they make me laugh. Your such a beautiful young women and everything that you wear is TOO cute. Me being only 18 I can say I look up to you PLEASE keep making funny videos that make my day <3

  28. Was de scene?? Let me just say that YOU’RE AMAZING!!:D I too have a trini mother and I always thought I was the ONLY person who has a mother like mine but after watching your video on carribean moms, i was laughing in tears. I haven’t shown it to my mom yet but she really get a crack out of it.
    Anywayy, Last summer I went to trinidad for the first time and in my travels the craziest thing happened. I was on a ferry to tobago and there was this drunk man yelling about wanting a glass of water(the bar had closed) and he was cussing up a storm! I sure hope he wasn’t driving when we got off the boat.. Anyway, has anything crazy happened on your trip to jamaica? You should make a video about it:D that would be awesomeee.
    P.S I’m a terrible story teller.lol

  29. Hey Toya, your so funny and you have ALOT fans. Did you ever think you’d be as big as you are.? And have you ever thought about getting into acting?

  30. Hey Latoya
    Just wanted to say that I love your videos and you are amazingly pretty and hilarious. Thank you for making me laugh when I need it. πŸ˜€

  31. just watched your black gyal video. i nearly dead wid de laughin. figured u had to be caribbean, ya shuda put dat part in de vid tho cuz i find caribbean black women to be much different than US ones. just sayin (dat is my opinion). nyhow, big blessings to you, do de ting nice, i gine keep chekin de vibes.

  32. Hey LaToya Wasssuupp!! LOL
    I love ur personality so much because its so real and the fact you dont care what others think speaks to me… I wish u the best in all that u do girl!

  33. Hey Latoya!
    I know this may sound a little weird coming from a female (lol!!) but you have really pretty skin! I was wondering what skin care product do you use?!

  34. hi u rock every morning i wake up and watch ur vids and u make me laugh wen i am feeling sad u r my inspiration i really hope i can be like u one a wonderful,independent,and beautiful women i love u

  35. i love the way you look im ashley im 9 yeras old and you look verry pretty and i saw all your videos and in from trinidad and i herd you are from trinidad to soi just wanteed to say hi and can you make a video about how i meet you im in canada and i always wanted to meet you that was my dream ontill i heard about your website i was woowed and i know STEVEN JO LO ARE YOU GUY DATEING ? I CANT BELEVE YOU GUYS ARE DATEING ITS A VERRY GOOD CUPPEL YOU GUYA ARE A GOOD 1 steven jo is crazy he gose on streets and bothers peopel lol bye latoyafor ever i love you and i sucribe all your videos my latoya i cant beleve i just talked to you.

  36. i love the way you look im ashley im 9 yeras old and you look verry pretty and i saw all your videos and im from trinidad and i herd you are from trinidad to soi just wanteed to say hi and can you make a video about how i meet you im in canada and i always wanted to meet you that was my dream ontill i heard about your website i was woowed and i know STEVEN JO LO ARE YOU GUY DATEING ? I CANT BELEVE YOU GUYS ARE DATEING ITS A VERRY GOOD CUPPEL YOU GUYA ARE A GOOD 1 steven jo is crazy he gose on streets and bothers peopel lol bye latoyafor ever i love you and i sucribe all your videos my latoya i cant beleve i just talked to you.

  37. Just recently found your videos and I’m officially loving them! and your fashion sense! πŸ™‚ Good to know your a trini to!… I’m just another 1 of your amazing Trinidadian supporters, can’t wait to see u do bigger things. P.S u should really make a visit!

  38. hi latoya im jamaican but i love trini accent lol <3 ur really gorgeous and ur soo funny and real and dnt give a f@#k wat people say! i luv u gurl keep it up and dont stop makin videos!!
    *bullet*bullet* lol

  39. omdzz LaToya….you put the CRAZY in crazy…..i just found out bout LTF yesterday and i’m staying up till 2am watching your videos. you better be famous soon!! I’ll be bare pissed if you don’t get famous. anyway, london and NIGERIA loves you boo!! i wna be your friend!!!!!!!!lol(that’s embarrassing..lol) don’t ever change, yeh!!

    1. Posted on There’s a scene in the classic film Cool Hand Luke where Luke, payeld by Paul Newman, gets into a fight with the biggest, baddest, dude in the work camp. He really doesn’t stand a chance, but there’s really no way out.He gets knocked down, hard, but picks himself back up. Then he gets knocked down again. And gets up again. And again. And again. Before long, everyone in the gathered crowd is yelling for him to just stay down, but he keeps getting back up.He won that fight, not by beating the other guy, but by winning over the crowd and by not giving up.I used a variation of this tactic once upon a time. Some dude tried to pick a fight with me by telling me I danced like an idiot. Well, he was right. I looked ridiculous out there on the dance floor. This wasn’t news to me. So I agreed with him. He kept trying to insult me along the same lines, but, since I wasn’t really offended by his observation at all, I kept agreeing with him.Needless to say, he got very frustrated and the gathered crowd quickly got bored. He just walked away.And I went back to dancing like a fool.

  40. Ayy LaToyaa!! WASSSSSUP?!
    ^^ Thats GHETTTOOOOO (Lovee That Video)
    I’m From The Uk But I Loveeeee Your Videos!! I’m Always Talking About It To My Friends & They Look At Me Like I’m Crazy Loool, I Got Them Into Watching It Too! <33333 .. Just Wanted To Say Thank You So Much For Posting Them They Have Such Wonderful Meaningss Too xoxoxo

  41. Ummmm. Hi Latoya I love your videos. I’m gonna have to say this, but your way funnier than jennamarbles. I live in New York City but I always wanted to go to Canada . Lol is it cool down there ?

  42. heeeeeeeeeeeeey Latoya
    I REALLY LIKE YOU AND YOUR VIDEOS. My favourite video is the one titteld ARE YOU STUPID <3 it is my favourite and the one which made me sad was the one about the gun violence sorry for losing your friends ….
    well i am a girl who was born in germany and lives in germany i am just wanting to tell you that you have german fan love you like crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy

  43. Hey LaToya, Wassssuuup?! Yep Its Me Again πŸ™‚ Just Want To Say Your Boyfriend Tag Video Is Amazing! Hell Yeah You Both Make Such Perfect Couples. I’m A Crazy Fan Of Yours #TeamCrazy & It’ll Be So Amazing If You Followed Me On Twitter @TeeRoseeBxtch :D, Now My Mum Is Into Your Videoes Too! #TeamLATOYAFOREVER <3 Biiiiiiiiitch Haha πŸ˜›

  44. Hey Latoya, honestly you remind me so much of myself, your f**** hilarious b. I would love to meet you in person gurrrrrllll. You should touch Montreal, you’ll love it out here!

  45. hey latoya guess wat im from trinidad to o and can u pleas plzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz show us how u do your nails or do u go to the nail salon and can u give my broter patrick a showt out todays his birthday

  46. OMG Latoya I’m your biggest fan in Jamaica. I love you.. your my inspiration and your funny. Keep up the good work. I always anticipate to watch your videos. I could sit and watch your videos all day. I just gotta get my hunty hand band your amazing. Twitter..youtube..facebook..instagram..keek.. I support you all the way and tell my friends here in Jamaica about you. You should visit again. Oh and congratulations πŸ™‚ I posted a baby name too in your DM at _summer_loveeee on instagram.

  47. Hello Latoya,

    I love you so much I look at your videos everyday. I want you to know once you find out what peanut is I’m sending you something. I will love to meet you one day. I will hope one day you will come to Corpus Christi TX. LOVE YOU HUNTY πŸ™‚

  48. hey latoya you are my role model i would like to meet you some day and hang out with you and peanut. i would love for you to give me some places where i can buy some cut clothes like yours. one day i want to look just like you. i am 12 years old and very over weight i would like to get to your size. i live in montgomery. on the 11th im going to be in Atlanta hopefully i will see you there. i reall love you love jerniyah moore

  49. hey latoya just to let you know ( and you already do know) you are amazing you are beautiful you are crazy and kind. you are fantastic in the most beautiful way !!!!!!! i would love to one day meet you

  50. Omg Latoya your having a peanut and she a girl right and I hope your name her Alliya and I hope she just comes out like you prefect pretty and and crazies cuz crazy is good And I hope I see u one day if I come visit Trinidad with you

  51. LaToya you are so beautiful, you are a like a black Barbie doll love!!!!
    thank you for your hard work. congrats on you bundle of joy.
    you and Adam are going to be the coolest parents ever!!

  52. hey latoya forever…..[vain valley gurl voice]!!!!!! I was just writing you to inform you that you are a very rude to your grandparents and not a true friend;-( you are very conniving, and act like your a loyal friend to those ppl. To be honest, they are the real stars of the show…..without them your show would have no spice or flavor. And Adam looks like he’s so sick of putting up with your bullshit. Gurl, I wish I was him, and you did that mess AT MY JOB……lawd hav mercy! Please, pass the information to Ayana that she is a diamond in the rough….and its just ABOUT TIME before the perfect opportunity to be discovered. “SHE IS THE TRUE STAR OF THE SHOW, AND ADAM TOO…..BECAUSE HE’S AN ANGEL; MADE TO PERFECTION!” without THEM YOUR SHOW WOULDN’T HAVE ANY SUBSTANCE OR FOUNDATION!!!!!! You stay laughing at dem [your so called “friends”]! From keen observation of your show, and acute scrutiny…..you are a very spiteful and vain person. And you stay stirring up shit! RON IS A very sweet and sensitive guy, and needs to stay the FUCK away from BRAWDS LIKE YO ASS!!!!! YOU PORTRAY THIS MAN TO BE A SOFT AS BICTH! WHEN HE REALLY IS AN AMAZING –LET ALONE LOYAL FREIND TO YO TWO FACED ASS! DAMN HYPOCRIT! And why the fuck you stay talking these ppls business behind thier backs with your family……smh! I wish you would do that shyt ova here!!!!!!! And what errrks me is that your very contradicting!!!!! you say that gurls house is duurrttty and your room is a fuckin’ hot mess!!!! you stay laughin’ at them muthafucka’s and you dnt even have a real job!!!! you make fun of ppl’s hair, and yo’ shyt be fucked up! if you gonna talk shyt about ppl, and you wanna be a “real hoe” do a video to tell dem all that shyt you be talkin’ wit yo’ family to they face!!! Do a vlog on dat bicth! And see what happens! You made your grandmother your modern day slave—get off yo’ lazi ass, and learn to be a wife….and stop free loading instigating shyt! AND THIS IS MY DOSE OF REALITY TO YOU! bye!

  53. I love u so much I always watch u I told my friends out u and they love u like I do ur funny and CRAZY!!!!! I can’t wait to see ur baby girl thank god that ur here in this world I would if never watch YouTube I wish you can come to Florida but I know that will never happen:( but if one day you do I would love to meet you and I wish I could hung out with u for the day and hope we could do that πŸ™‚ i wish you the best of all and keep making dem videos and volgs they be too good

  54. Latoya, i have been watching your videos since i moved here to canada in 2012 from jamaica. your videos really helped me through the process. i remember one time, when i was unpacking my stuff, i had on one of your videos. i think that u and aunty jillian and adam and your grandma and grandpa and ayanna and ron and stud and rochelle and taylor and everyone else that you know are amazing people!!! i know that u and adam will be amazing parents! congradulations on your new baby girl!!!!!!! i was wondering, what religion are you, because i see you in a hijab a couple of times and i see that your celebrating ramadan so i have a feeling that your muslim? your an amazing and gourgeous person and i just want to say that i am sooooooo jealous that i havent met you yet!!! aha

    love, Nathan from West Kelowna B.C <3 <3 <3
    P.S, you REALLY need to get over here for a meet and greet after the baby is born! (The okanagan is famous for its wine πŸ˜‰

  55. Hi LaToya!!

    How are you? How is your pregnancy? There’s so many questions to ask you but just one has been in the back of my mind for aaages!

    You are the most gorgeous person I have ever seen (no lie).

    How do you do it?

    What products do you use on yourself to keep your skin healthy?
    How do you make your famous spinach smoothies?
    What shampoo do you use?
    How often do you get your nails/hair done?

    Ok, so that turned out to be more than one question, but ABSOLUTELY ALL THE ANSWERS ARE ESSENTIAL! I would be absolutely honoured if you took the time to tell me.

    I love you and I am obsessed with your videos!

    Keep it up, hunty xxxx

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  57. Is Forever your real last name? And I wanted to see if Aliyah was a good name for a daughter? You still look good Adam is so lucky to have you as you are to have him! I love you! Love Trinity

  58. Omg I can’t wait till the baby comes!!!!! I really love your vlogs so keep vlogging and Adam you better help lol jk luv u hunty!!!!!!! Oh btw your due date is my counsins birthday so I hope that is really your due date hopefully you don’t over drink that green tea.

  59. Hey Latoya.
    i love your vlogz your my inspiration i love you so much
    And Samia is the cutiest baby i ever seen
    Adam is a great father and your a great mother
    i wish i can meet you sometime

  60. When was your due date for little Samia. By the way she is so cute. I am a big fan saw every single one of your videos love them and love you Adam and samia too

    1. Hey Latoya you are my role model. I wants to know when was your due date forgot. I am a big fan I have watched wvery single video. You and Adam are doing a great job taking care of samia I love you and Adam and most of all your baby girl samia. You guys are the best. Keep up the good work. Love you guys

    1. My favorite hairstyle is where you have two braids leading back and I also liked when Adam died his hair blonde. Your really pretty and I don’t really think I am and I’m also kind of fat do you have any tips? I think that ayanna wasn’t doing any thing wrong when she kissed the other girl.

  61. Sorry for my english, i stayin montreal so i speak french.. i just want to say that i love your vlogs FOR REAL its interesting you makes me laugh. Your couples are so perfect!.. You have a very good man with a btfl daughter shes so cute.. You have a big family around you and good friends this is good, Im really happy for you !!

  62. Toyaaaaaaaaaa I’m 12 and i watched ur video “50 things about me” and damn the chicken part touched me cause i seriously i luv chicken and seems like ur the only one who understands cause i luv ANY kind of chicken and everyone in my skool thinks i I’m cray cray and i use to think i was the only one who’s madly in luv with chicken but no i ain’t YAY. im not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. I just heard of u from my sister who met you awhile back. I watched over80 of ur videos in 2 days. Plus I have school today and I’m STILL awake watching more. Btw Samia is a beautiful name and she is a very cute kid. A lot of ur videos inspire me to follow my heart, wishes and dreams and I just want to thank you for putting up clogs even during and after ur pregnancy. I just wanna let u know that u were lucky to find a guy like Adam / rashawn and even tho I’m 14 and don’t know much about wat really love is like I hope to have a guy that can put up with my foolish and craziness and my outgoing personality like Adam does for u!!!!! Thank u sooooo much Latoya and I hope I meet u someday

  64. Latoya I am in love with your videos. Samia is the cutest little human being on the planet. When are you ever going to come to London to do a meet and greet i would totally be there. How do you choose hunty and huncle of the week???


  65. Latoya I am in love with your videos. Samia is the cutest little human being on the planet. When are you ever going to come to London to do a meet and greet i would totally be there. How do you choose hunty and huncle of the week???

  66. Hi latoya i love ur videos and you. I watched all of ur vids.The vlog were u came to Rockcliffe, i go to there but didnt know u came and visit ; (. Is there any way i could meet you?

  67. Hi Latoya! I love love love love love your videos! I live in America !!! I seriously am such a huge fan!!! Anyways, I don’t know if you read a couple of months ago my friend emailed you on my email. for her last birthday?? Well she passed!!!! R,I.P!!!! But She loved you as well!!! hahha i love your videos keep making them love!

  68. Latoya… girl I love your videos. You are a wonderful person… I love you so much I want to meet it I was still in the make a wish program my wish would be to meet you

  69. Yessss Girlllllll !!!!!!! you should sooo make a reality show like WOOOOOOOOOO. sorrry but im so gassed for you, ;ike your reality show would bang so much like right now without a single doubt your vlogs be stunting better than The KArdasshians, its like a very classy videos with slight touch of comedy like Kevin hart shizzzzz sorrry for typing so much but yo girl your so beautiful inside out and your vlogs BAANGGG b. on a serious note i started watching your vlogs recently because its easter and im foolish enough to have finished all my favvvvv tv shows//pssssss im so glad u guys chose the name samia hahaha its pronounced the same but spelled different to mine//i fnd it weird that i sometimes feel like im part of yo family like what the freeaking hell//. anyways i hope nothing but a blessed future for you and adam and your fammo. hehee. anyways mwahhh boo NO>1 HUNTAAAAAAAAYY fan luuh u. and also is adam muslim?

    Further apology for my messed typing but you know, this girl here loves u boo xx

  70. Hey Latoya! Why have you deleted your old videos for example “I love being trindadian” and some others that have been so freaking funny. But I cannot find them anymore πŸ™ Please reupload them so I can laugh my ass off again. xoxo

  71. I adore you truly Toya I wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year with love hope and joy I love love Samia and last but not least you and it’s me again Aiyah this is how you say my name eye-yah and I please ask that you come to ATL but can you please come to North,Dakota im moving there from ATL so can you come to North Dakota for a meet and greet in 2016 it’s not snowing in ATL but its is in North,Dakota

  72. LaToya!!!! I’m such a huge fan bruh! β€’ you better not EVER stop making videos because I need your videos to get me through them long days


  73. You have a beautiful family and god bless you for everything you have accomplished in life. You have been a very strong women; like you have been through a lot. This makes me happy because i love watching strong beautiful who shows love for others and cares deeply about family. I hope you take great care of the kids and make other hating people hate more because at the end of the day, you and your family glow and slay. I also want to say your advice helps me and makes me stronger everyday.

    Your Hunty,

  74. I am sooo obsessed with your videos.. I depend on them to make my day better, your my inspiration, my role model.. giiiiiirrrrrrrl i loooove you. Take good care of your family, continue doing a great job bbyg. Your videos are really inspiring despite the drama that takes place and you guys mean alot to me… You’re like my second family bruh… You may have haters out there but girl keep doing your thaanng lol.. Love u loads.
    Your Hunty Sheri

  75. hey Latoya!!! I love watching your vlogs! Samia and Zayne are the cutest ?? the thing about the vlogs that always confuses me is is auntie jilian your dad’s sister? and is noor Adam’s sister? Like I’m confused about the family ? it’s so big!! But I love how you guys always have get together and stuff it’s amazing, how wonderful your beautiful family is πŸ™‚

  76. hey Latoya ! hope you read this!!!! please please come to Brampton. I really want to eat you. Also pre ordered your book, cannot wait to read it. ❀️

  77. Latoya Big up yuhself!!!! keeping going after your dreams girl. Just read the first chapter of your book and Im gonna buy it. Im interested in vlogging as well because I wanna be an entrepreneur. So gonna see what tips you have to offer. By the way, Ive seen your pic on so many billboards, newspapers and phone directories in Jamaica , its crazy. Do you thing ya girl and continue to inspire others like myself.

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