Welcome back Huntys and Huncles. I am so thankful that you chose to finish the week with me 🙂 Well I start off my day with Tenesha and Jonathan over and she missed her period for 5 days. So we thought we do a pregnancy test. CLOSE ONE — YIKES! Afterwards, NeosBeauty came over and she was giving all of us a make up tutorial. I learned how to highlight and I’m extremely proud of myself 🙂 After wards, I went over with Samia to Auntie Jillian and I am fed up how she is spoiling Samia. OMG! Samia is a little brat around Jillian. lol Jillian and myself had a deep conversation regarding our views on adoption and abortion. What do you guys think? Adoption and Abortion is such a SUBJECTIVE topic….. We finish of the evening with a facetime with Femi! Thanks again for watching LaToyasLife.. See you guys on Tuesday!

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