Haaaaaay my hunty’s and huncle’s, in today’s vlog I start off the day by hanging out with my booty guru Missy and Rotilicious of course!! Rochelle is looking for a new desk to put in her living ROOM to use for business purposes so we then travel to IKEA to get her a brand new desk! We get to IKEA, start shopping for a desk then come across this FINE man named Giuseppe! I think missy really wants him, just kidding LOL. Later on in the day Ayanna and Dominique come over and we talk about Ayanna’s pregnancy and what we think she’s having! Do you think little nugget will be a boy or a girl? Later on in the day I hang out with Missy and Roti but Missy seems to be irritated that Roti is all up on her, is it just me or do you think so as well? Missy Lynn thinks I need to CHILL lol do you think I need to chill? But anyway, we then proceed to missy’s meet and greet which was so much fun. We got to hang out with the whole entire crew and just support our girl with her meet and greet, haaaaaaaaaay! See you on Wednesday, Hunty’s and Huncle’s and don’t forget to subscribe!!!