Samia is climbing before walking? she is getting really active lately! Myles continues to be late so we got the good people at endy matress to send out a mattress to us and now he has to stay over! No more reasons for Myles aka ‘assistant’ to be late. Adam’s sister came over for the first time so I got some bonding time done with her – Yay! Adam’s little brother made a little cameo too. So Rochelle’s son Jordan broke his arm so I decided to get him a Toy car to cheer him up! Hope he doesn’t break his other arm #lawdness. So my sister has a boyfriend and I had to give her the teenage sex talk from a sister point of view. No pun intended to my parents I know they do their part. For those who are teenage here are a few basic guidelines I’d like to share (I am not an expert – just stating my opinion. Please consult a licensed educator for more information about sex).