My hunty’s and huncles we’re back with season 6!! Thank you so much for riding with us thus far because we have so much more in store for y’all. In today’s vlog I start off my day hanging out with Jalen & Jessy in my room! I talk about my outfit of the day which results in a fight between the both of them, was it really that serious? I then proceed to wonderland with the whole entire crew having adventurous fun and an amazing time, this includes me not going on any rides because who has time for that? later on we all proceed back to my house where you witness Dom twerk for the first time and Jessy adding in to the twerk fest. who do you think twerks better, Jessy or Dom? Comment below lol. In the next vlog we let you all know who the winner of the 500 dollar contest is for the saying “If I had three lemons” See you on Wednesday folks and don’t forget to subscribe!!!!