5 Challenges of Being a Vlogger

5 Challenges of Being a Vlogger

Vlogging has become hugely popular in recent years, and many vloggers such as ItsJudyLife and LaToya Forever have found a somewhat ‘celebrity’ status through doing it. However, as glamorous as it sounds, vlogging can be difficult, and there are some challenges to the job. Here are 5 challenges that youtube vloggers face:

1. Quality and Balance in vlog Content – Struggling to produce superb content is one of the biggest problems that any vlogger faces because it is what draws an audience. If you are creating vlogs or that people find boring, you will struggle to find an audience that sticks. LaToya Forever says that most vloggers only show the wonderful side of their life in their vlogs, and we all know that no one lives a life that is all rosy. What makes it more authentic is showing the downs too.

Like when husband, Adam Ali, threw orange juice at LaToya Forever for going ballistic at him.


Knowing when to post and how often to post can also be a challenge so it is important to learn your target audience and how to target them. Post too frequently and people may get bored, post not enough and the audience will not like the lack of schedule or consistency.

2. Too many vloggers – A simple search on YouTube will show thousands of people vlogging and doing their thing regularly; although there are millions of viewers up for grabs, many like to stick with the well-known names which make it hard to catch a break. This is a potential reason why some vloggers give up before they even get going properly; although you should only start a blog because it would be fun, it can drain motivation when you keep logging in to see viewing figures in the double digits.


3. Time-Consuming – Many people believe vlogging is easy, and it just takes a few minutes each day, but this isn’t necessarily true. Let’s take LaToya Forever for example, she frequently uploads which requires preparation, the actual filming and then editing, followed by promotion. Vlogging regularly can leave you with little free time.


4. Comments – LaToya Forever and many other vloggers receive thousands of comments on their vlogs, messages and emails every single day and people become annoyed if they don’t receive a reply. If vloggers responded to every single comment, there would be no time left to record the next video. The real issue is that although 95-99% of comments are positive the negative comments always stick out like a bad bruise. Not ever vlogger is built for negative feedback and that sometimes may demotivate the vlogger. This can be a real challenge if vloggers do not have a positive mindset to overlook the negative feedback from online viewers.

5. Motivation – All the problems listed above can lead to a lack of motivation which can often be the bane of any vloggers existence. Lack of motivation to record videos, and reading nasty comments. Even when you start to pull an audience in, it may be a while before people start interacting in the comments. Even when people do comment, there are a lot of onliner users on the internet just looking to upset the vlogger (trolls), so you need to be thick-skinned not to let it affect you.