Hunty’s and huncle’s what’s up? In today’s vlog, Adam get’s an early morning treatment with a company called “Hyper Recovery”. What this does is allows you to receive more oxygen in your body more than ever before, cool right? Adam was in that big oxygen chamber for about an hour and I was so frightened, he looked like he was wearing out in there but it’s for his health so I couldn’t save him unfortunately LOL. I then tried it out and after about 5 minutes, I had to get out! LIKE HELL NO, I felt trapped. You guys should definitely check it out though because it seems quite cool but it does seem weird when you’re up in there, lawd. After finishing our treatment, I then surprise Krystle with a shopping spree just because she’s been an amazing friend to me so she definitely deserves it. Krystle and I then head out but before we do that, we ask Adam what he want’s to eat. He’s so quick to answer Krystle but then when I ask him he stutters, what the hell? First 2 phones now 2 WIVES? Anyway, we then head to H&M, get Krystle a load of stuff to try on and guess what? She decided to take everything which was okay since it’s her day to get what she wants! Whoa, but that bill though? 470 Dollars? LOL who’s paying that though? Just kidding! Later on in the vlog I pick up Samia from Daycare and they give me an update of what Samia does when she’s there! They said she’s doing well but the only thing she needs to work on is learning how to share! She better start before she get’s grounded, I ain’t playing! At the end of the night Krystle cooks for us while Adam is acting a damn fool talking about he has two wives but I actually don’t mind it to be honest, only if it’s Krystle though and NOBODY ELSE LOL. Do I sound crazy? Comment below if you think it’s okay for a man to have two wives because I’m liking it, LOL. Thank you for watching today’s vlog and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!