7 Month’s Update

7 Month’s Update
Hey hunty’s and huncle’s, how are you guys doing today? You already know I had to give you guys a 7 Month’s update on how my baby boy is doing! I couldn’t be more excited for this pregnancy, it still seems so unreal to me seeing how I had Samia just under 2 years! Here are some new things that pumpkin is up to:

1. My baby boy is coming in April, my due date is the 14th of that month so I have just under 2 months left until he comes out and he’s already so big! April seems so far away because I’m ready to just pop this baby out but I have to just wait it out, he’s coming!

2. I am 7 and a half months and I’m huge! This time last year I wasn’t so big with Samia but maybe it’s because being pregnant for a second time is the reason why. My baby is still growing and super excited for when he comes out, he’s probably going to look just like Adam seeing how Samia looks exactly like him!

3. My baby boy has been kicking uncontrollably, he just loves to kick his Mommy alright. Sometimes when he kicks me in certain areas it hurts but I’ve gotten used it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this update on my baby boy, I’m excited for this pregnant but at the same time I am NOT ready! Stay tuned for more updates on the website when it comes to my baby boy, I love guys and see you next post!