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In early 2010, LaToya entered the online social scene capturing the hearts of video viewers from all around the world. LaToya’s charisma and incredible wit are among the few traits she is known for when expressing her candid opinions.

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, to Trinidadian parents, LaToya is the eldest of eight children. When she was entering middle school, her mother decided to pursue a college education in the US.  Arriving in the US wasn’t such a comfortable experience for LaToya. The family often found themselves moving from home to home depending on help from church friends. While continuously having to pack up her bags, she never really had the opportunity to develop strong relationships with friends. With the desire to express her feelings, LaToya picked up a digital camera and began recording an open diary video series on YouTube. She now has a diverse collection of video topics ranging from daily vlogs, “Ask LaToya: Q&A,” “Outfit of the Day,” trending topics, parodies, and relationship videos—all of which led to the formation of an interactive fan base. It’s apparent that her supporters adore her. She inevitably puts smiles on their faces. Even when she covers serious topics, she always adds a humorous spin. Her ability to articulate her thoughts with such boldness and affluence is what keeps viewers coming back for more.

Presently, LaToya has reached 1,600,000+ subscribers combining 2 of her YouTube channels and the exclusive access to a captivated audience has provided her with numerous career opportunities, such as media appearances both in print and on screen.

In November 2012, Forever was announced as a host for VIBE TV at the American Music Awards. As VIBE host she interviewed a number of stars, including J Cole. During this role, she questioned J Cole about his album “Born Sinner.” At the same award shows, she interviewed Destorm Power.

LaToya Forever’s network is extremely loyal to the self-built brand and is also the motivation behind her unique talents. Her gift of connecting with people is one to be treasured. In fact, one follower quoted, “Whenever I am having a down day, I always watch LaToya’s videos and it leaves me with a smile.” LaToya believes in positive entertainment and often leaves a favorable, yet helpful, impression on everyone who she’s crossed. Her over the top persona and style is catching the attention of many Internet users, industry movers and shakers, and most recently, BPMtv.

With trendsetting style as vibrant as her personality, LaToya Forever has seen additional viewership traction since releasing her daily vlog series. The show will focus on the day-to-day aspects of being a mother, wife, friend, and lover. Meanwhile, LaToya is devoted to using her ever-growing video platform to uplift, motivate and inspire her followers—where the majority consists of young females (84%), such as herself. She explains, “I am certainly blessed by God for allowing me to uplift people’s moods through my fun personality. I am not perfect, but that’s cool…At least I’m comfortable in my own skin”.

LaToya is open to creating meaningful relationships with individuals from the entertainment, media, and fashion industries. To embark upon a business venture, please contact LaToya via email at the contact below: LaToyaForevertv[at]gmail.com or support[at]latoyaforever.com

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