Ask LaToya : How Did You Start On YouTube


I use to live on the Internet. I would sit on my couch, kitchen table, bed, front porch, on my moms bed, and in the bathroom watching videos. I would rather watch videos then go out on the weekends with my homies to the ratchet clubs. A lot of what I watched was either comedy or beauty related. I really wanted my own show which I didn’t know how I was going to pull off, but that was my biggest dream. One day I woke up and said to myself “I’m sick of watching other people be successful its time for me to go after what I truly want and focus on my own goals.” I knew that I was outgoing, funny and determined to do anything I wanted to do. All I needed was time and to focus. I wanted to make YouTube videos but I really didn’t know what I wanted to record about. So I bought a camera and started off by doing random ass videos that I didn’t like. I tried modeling and style videos like every other girl on YouTube. All I was doing was following the trend and didn’t enjoy it. People were watching but really who am I to share with you my modeling journey If I don’t even like to model and who the hell was I to do beauty related videos if I’m not that in tune with beauty. That being said I do love fashion though! Anyways making comedy and advice videos is what I enjoy to do. I really have fun being able to express myself and connect with my audience. I finally found something that was working for me, that kept me excited. Not only was I making people laugh but I was sharing my true feelings about topics along with giving advice. Even though it took me some time to actually find myself I finally realized my true passion and I’m completely happy with my life so far. This is ask LaToya where you can ask me anything! I answer on a weekly basis 🙂

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