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  1. Latoya I just want to say that I am your biggest fan, sorry I can’t buy you and baby peanut things or buy your bracelets and stuff,but that’s because I am 14 with a cop for a dad Lol. You are my biggest youtube inspiration. I want to become a you tuber but sadly I don’t know how, I would love some advice from you because you are so awsome,I will try to send you fan Mail to just in case you don’t see this.

    You biggest fan, Jazmine

  2. I love u and I watch u on youtube also congrats on ur baby and engagedment
    wish u all the best and luck for the future.. u must come to fl to take the baby Disney hope to see u in fl.

  3. Hey, I watched a couple of your funny vids on youtube “where my baby daddy” had me dying, I support that!!! I also watched your draw my life. Oh my goodness, let me tell you, I had been feeling really down lately and watching your draw my life video really brought me out of my funk and told me that bad stuff don’t only happen to just me. Anyways the reason I could relate is because I’m also from Tulsa, OK too, I hate it!!! I moved to NYC when I was 21 cuz being a middle class OREO was not doing it for me. So I lived in NY STATE for two years and had a really hard time. But then I got an amazing job in pharmaceuticals cuz thats what my degree was in( I was balling and so unhappy fyi weave and purses can’t keep you happy)So I came back home and started watching an unhealthy amount of reality tv and netflix. Anyway Im tired that person who had potential because I’m only 24. Anywho I realized that I have a love for screen writing and computers so I’m taking a computer course and writing a screen play. Anyway you are pretty and amazing keep up the good work and that video made my day. Oh and btw when I finish this short film, you could always promote it on your site, you know.

  4. How are so good at this I’m nine years old and you have inspired me to want to blogs my sister says the more I watch you I get more getto I would leave a number but any body can see this I love you so much and I want to try ketchup chips

  5. Hi latoya i love you so much you always take the of ur day to make this videos for was to watch and u do a wonderful job being a youtuber and a beauitful mother if u get this message pls give me a shouout plz love u

  6. hey girl I’m sending you my product I’m a little worried its not going to fit in the PO box so I hope it fits. I had emailed you about it 6-7 months ago and no response so I’m just going to send it and hope for the best. Check out my shop on Mirandaina.com

  7. I love you so much Latoya my first video of you was 8 girls walking in heels after that video i countine to watch you are so funny.By the way I live in Florida and it will be great if you had a meet and greet here because i will want to meet you from Dachenie

  8. Hi latoya I’m a big fan I have a big present for you coming your way it from the apple store and it for the whole family it should be there in about 3 week it mostly everything out the store hope you like it love sydney

  9. hi latoya one of your hunty’s i wanted to wish you congrats on your new edition of your family he will be the best dressed boy around and im just tryna help out with your hair i think you should do a BOB again it really looked great on you or you should do the curly hair and you dont look old and have some cofidence in your self your awesome and sexy and a wonderful mom honestly your my roll model i look up to you and im 13 by the wa.

  10. I love your videos especially story times. Ur sister goes to my school btw, i found out yesterday. I have wanted to be a youtuber since i was 9 years old. Samia is so cute, and ur family is so funny. I would love to do a video with you. Thanks for listening.

  11. Hello, Latoya, I’m going back to school in September and I have no school supplies at all. I was wondering if you could help me out. I would really appreciate it and I’ll be forever grateful.

  12. Hello, Latoya, I’m going back to school in September and I have no school supplies at all. I was wondering if you could help me out. I would really appreciate it and I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

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