Haaaaaay my hunty’s and huncle, I hope you had an amazing weekend and I hope you guys missed me because I missed you guys too!!! In today’s vlog I start off hanging out with my little Bug Sami, I’ve been recording more segments with Samia more because a lot of you guys have been requesting these mommy/daughter moments! I then proceed to grandma’s house to hang with her and grandpa and have a good time. I miss them! Nothing better than to just chill with your family and crack jokes right? LOL. We then catch some clips of Adam having the time of his life in Vegas and enjoying himself :p Wish I could’ve went but whatever, I’d rather vlog at home for all my hunty’s and huncle’s anyway! Later on I then go to the mall with Trixx and Dominique but before I do that I give you guys a quick outfit of the day description of what I wore, thumbs up if you like my outfit? Haaaaaaaay! I get to the mall and get stopped by a lot of my hunty’s and huncle’s which was so sweet that I had to do pictures with every single one of them, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! We then go costume shopping for Samia because her birthday is coming up {OCT 12TH 2015}, thumbs up for tinker bell or Jasmine? Later on Delaila comes to the mall and meets up with all of us to hang out. It’s so AWESOME how a lot of my friends are African, LOL. I then try to do an accent like them and FAILED? Thumbs up if you loved my african accent. In the night, Me and Samia sleep over grandma’s which brought back a lot of memories seeing how we slept in our old room when Samia wasn’t even born yet! We then FaceTime Adam before bed and we can see that he’s clearly enjoying himself but he needs to come home because we miss him but the real question does he miss us? Got to go but don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you on Wednesday lovelies!