HAYYY! hunty’s and huncle’s how are you guys doing today? Wow, we’re already on the 5th vlog? I hope you guys are enjoying everyday vlogs from us! Comment below, Let me know! I start off today’s vlog, in the morning by going to IHOP with the family, haaaaay! IHOP is so damn good, it’s not even a joke. For all you people who live in the states, I’m envious of you seeing how we don’t have them here, well barely anyways! You know me when it comes to ordering, I try anything while Adam and his boring healthy self always get’s something gross! This nigga gone talk about he don’t like fried chicken and it has nothing to do with his health, he just doesn’t like it! Is this guy crazy? I don’t believe him one bit! While I’m eating, one of my long time girlfriends comes by to join us and it’s ironic how we meet up again and I’m pregnant again! She was there for the first pregnancy and now she’s here for the second pregnancy. Later on in the vlog we get back to the hotel and Khrystal calls us while we’re away in MY ROOM, I wonder what she was doing in my damn room. She then let me know that she cleaned my room because she was having a bad day and that’s the sweetest thing ever, I hope she feels better though! The next day I meet up with Nikki, John, and their little cutie Iris!
Nikki & John: https://Youtube.com/user/NIkkiandJohnVLOG
Do their faces look familiar? Yaaaaaas!! We all hang out and have fun at the safari with the cool animals! The kids seemed to like the animals but I for sure didn’t, damn. I was scared as hell! Later on Me & Nikki talk about the dancehall songs that she knows and she cracked me up LOL, I love her!!!! That night we get back to our hotel room to chill and Samia’s just all over the floor trying to get a coffee lid on a cup and guess what? She did it! Things like this is big for her, if she can’t get something done, she’ll cry until the task is complete but that’s my girl, she never gives up without a fight! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s vlog & I’ll see you Saturday!!!
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