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Hey Hunty’s and Huncle’s what’s going on? In today’s vlog I start off my day wrapping presents with my girl JESSY!!!! She’s been doing her thing and traveling that I haven’t gotten any time to even hang out with my girl, I miss her so much but I don’t think she was too happy with me though. She confronted me and let me know that she doesn’t like the shade I’ve been throwing at her and how I need to stop. She also said if I continue, she won’t come back around, Gosh Jessy I’m just joking damn it. We made amends and continued wrapping presents together and all of sudden Adam comes in with a present acting all nasty and of course I was thirsty my damn self LOL. Later on that day, Dom comes over and we have a conversation of course! Adam them intrudes and asks her questions about how she felt in regards to Jalen picking her as Latoya’s top friend he would date hands down, DOES HE WANT ZIMMY’S GIRL? Dominique was flattered and all, but she doesn’t see Jalen in that way because they’re good friends and she has a boyfriend, fair enough! But really though, JALEN WANTS HIS GIRL! Adam suggested with his annoying self that Zimmy and Jalen should have a wrestling match to fight for Dominique, who do you think will win? This should be interesting since JALEN WANTS HIS GIRL, let’s see if he can get her. Thank you so much for watching today’s vlog and I’ll see you guys tomorrow, HAAAY!
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