Haaaaaaay my Hunty’s & Huncle’s, we’re back with today’s vlog, Season 6 episode 4!!! I start off the day hanging out with @RONDIAStv by grabbing a bite to eat. We went back to the same Dairy Queen where he broke my phone (memories!!) Later on in the day, Me & my bug get ready for Maliha’s 1st birthday!!!! Now you guys get to see how I dress Samia and how much of a Diva she is…LOL. We headed out to Maliha’s first birthday where we all had a good time and celebrate, did y’all peep the girl dancing to African music, she KILLLLLLLED IT! Then there was Adam;s sister who turned an innocent 1year old birthday party to a freakshow SMH #RATCHEDNESS. Adam went to the Red Bull Project where his homie11:11 kills the stage, haaaaaaaay! Did I forget to mention that it’s me and my husband’s anniversary? LAWDFISH LOL. We then go to dinner, have a good time and celebrate what mattered the most for our anniversary! Hope you enjoyed the vlog hunty’s and  Huncle’s and don’t forget to subscribe!!!!!