latoya thanksigiving look


It’s going down in brown! It’s Thanksgiving, so that means family and food right? I’m so grateful for my family and oh so grateful for GOOD food, my Mom’s curry chicken is to diiiiie for!😍 Today I woke up and I was so stuck on what to wear for Thanksgiving, don’t you hate when you don’t know what to rock for the day? I stood in my closet in my purple robe looking through my clothing and had a serious 1st world problem meltdown, WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR FOR THANKSGIVING?!😭 I tried on about 25 outfits, searched blogs for inspiration, I even went to my 4-year-old daughters closet to see if I could get inspired from her wardrobe and NOTHING! Then I remembered that Pretty Little Thing express shipped a package to me the day prior, how did I forget about that!!!? Anyways, I ripped open the box and removed all the plastic from my items and girl I found my Thanksgiving outfit, YAS! I would have gone to Thanksgiving in my Birthday suit if it wasn’t for that package. I’ve been loving brown lately, so I decided to rock all the brown pieces in the package, and it worked. At first, I was like “Now LaToya you are doing way too much with all that brown, gal” but then I sent the image to my stylist friend, and she was like “yaaasss Toy that outfit is fiyah” then she told me to add my snakeskin bag to make the outfit pop! After beating my face, crimping my hair and throwing on my outfit I had to do it for “da gram” and have a mini photoshoot lol. Today on Thanksgiving I would like to say that I’m so thankful for Pretty Little Thing because if it wasn’t for that forgotten package I would have been in my Birthday suit.😂 How was your thanksgiving? What did you eat? What did you wear?!


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