LaToya Forever’s OOTD – Urban and Edgy


Haaaaaaaaaay my Hunty’s and Huncle’s what’s good? I just wanted to gather a blog post for you guys about today’s urban and edgy look. A lot of change is happening when it comes to my wardrobe & I can only thank my stylist LickMyFashion as he is pushing me out of my comfort zone to do different styles that suits me & what I like. A lot of you Hunty’s and Huncles are loving the change but this is just the beginning! However, we couldn’t pass this look up without giving it a post just because of the details and the creativity based on just the color black with a pop of cream! Going into the outfit description my stylist decided to put me in this amazing mesh top that had silver buttons going down the middle. We decided to put a high cropped sleeveless top underneath the mesh top to give it that diversity in fashion. Leading down to the bottom, he put me in these amazing faux leather joggers that went with the outfit completely. However, what really put this outfit to an end where the cream strapped heels and black shades to complete this look. I hope you enjoyed this Aaliyah Inspired look, leave a comment & more outfit posts coming soon.

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