I swear this post is not about showing off my thighs and talking about all the squats I’ve been doing (Shout out to shestough.com) It’s hard to believe I can still pull off a look like this during the winter season here in Atlanta. I took a stroll down this pleasant neighbourhood in my snakeskin skirt by #FashionNova it actually complimented the architecture of the neighbourhood. I love random day-time walks to rejuvenate my mind, body and glow (try it!) Back to the post! My #MissGuided sweater kept me warm down the stroll but the trickiest part was walking in these heels by #EgoOfficial I swear I will never master the art of walking in heels (Why lord whyyyy). Love the look? shop it below and drop a comment with your thoughts on my OOTD 🙂 Love you

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  1. You look amazing as always! I’m trying some of your she’s tough video recommendations starting Monday. Wish me luck. I have horrible will power. I have to drop some pounds though. It’s getting serious. I’m not cute right now.

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