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Is it just me or is it looking like its going to be a seriously cold winter this year?! I’ve been finding it stressful to dress cute and still stay warm, which started off as an impossible task lol but I decided to make the impossible possible and look at today’s look hunty!! I’M STYLING AND PROFILING. At first, I was worried this outfit wouldn’t work because I honestly thought this leather set from Pretty Little Thing would make me feel even colder, but thankfully that was not the case at all. After I threw on my Pretty Little Thing leather leggings and leather jacket, I was so hot that I didn’t even need to have the jacket completely closed…..and even better I got to wear my Ego official open toe heels which still made me feel sexy and grown in this outfit and I LOVE that, YAS! I finished the outfit off with a cute black fedora hat and my new favorite accessory, my mini snake print purse, and stepped out to attend meetings for the day looking and feeling fabulous! What are your thoughts on today’s look? You can shop this look by clicking the yellow pointers on the image, HAAY!


  1. Yassss LaToya!!! Loving the fashion looks. Been following your for a while now. Way before you had Samia 😍. Style has evolved hunty!! Slay boo!

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