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    1. Omg you had your baby today and i woke up late and seen your post like right when you posted it omg vlog get adam to vlog today so we can see your baby before Monday

  1. one thing i love a bout u is when u alway sat ” wat’s up crazys” and how i do oufit of the day i love it i do that when i go and get dress .

  2. Hey LaToya its your hunty Kelsey. And i love all of your videos and i have been a hunty sience day 1. I just had to make another youtube account because my other one got hacked. So as soon as i get some videos up can you please help me get at lealst 100 subscibers please i would love that. Here is my youtube channel i just made the account today videos will be posted shortly: Kelsey stauffer (it should be the first one)

  3. LATOYA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My name is tamia like samia you make my day…
    TRINI to d bone gyal do study dem bad mind people out there…

  4. Hi, Latoya i am your biggest fan. I don’t live in Canada but still watch you videos when they are posted. Peanut is so cute. I love you. From your huntys Molly and April.

  5. i luv ur videos
    im literally just as crazy as u
    i only 14 yrs old but i feel like i know u somehow
    ur like d older version of me except that im darker n living in Trinidad & Tobago
    u make my day
    thx 4 making me laugh

  6. Hi Latoya,

    My name is Prescylla (just like “Priscilla” spelt differently) Mizinga and I’m a journalist from Ryerson University. I have been watching your videos from your main channel since 2012 and now watch your current vlog channel regularly. I am interested in doing a story about Youtube as a business and how it can be a job. I think that you embody that concept because of your obvious success from Youtube. I want to profile you and your life, basically get an inside idea of what goes into being a Youtuber and all the behind the scenes hard work. Basically what you do everyday, in terms of preparing for vlogs, but I will be writing an article. This purpose of this is for an assignment I’m doing for my reporting class and I think you fit the part for a great story. Please consider my request, and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to me email me.

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