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  1. Zara for sure! The other two, no offends, is boring. Lots of people have that name. Peanuts already a common nickname. Give her real name some umph! Lol CONGRATS HUNTY! LOVE YA

  2. I love the choices of names for peanut!! Which ever one you choose we’ll all be so happy for you and Adam! Your going to make a beautiful family!

  3. I love you Latoya. I am really looking forward to baby peanut!! Your so pretty I am so jealous! But I am always gonna be here for you I also love the name Zara

  4. Jasmine is the best in my opinion, it’s beautiful , elegant, and girly! Have other good names in mind like Lina, or Nadia, or Sophia, or even nice Arabic names, exotic stuff would suit Peanut very well since she is half Trini half Tanzi. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl hope you make a a perfect choice for her <3

  5. Hi Latoya πŸ™‚ So I just wanted to say that I love all the names that you and Adam chose. The thing is that I love the name Jasmine but I think your baby should have a unique name because she would be unique just like you ! So I would choose Samia. I can even imagine you right now saying “SAMIA COME OVER HERE FOR SOME WHOOPING”. LOL. Anyway have a great day πŸ™‚

  6. Why don’t you name your baby mΓ­a I find it really cute And it’s in Spanish. In English mΓ­a is pronounced mind like the baby is yours. Well hope you like that name

  7. Congratulations LaToya and Adam!
    I like the elegant sound of Zara. Zara means “princess” and the spiritual connotation is Beloved. Psalms 45:13

    But I LOVE the meaning of Samia. The root Sam is from Samantha/Samuel which means “listner” . Spiritual connotation is Attentive to God’s voice. Job 22:28

    I believe whatever u r constantly called you become.

    My vote is for Samia because your precious baby is already a princess.

    The Name Book by Dorothy Astoria

    I’m so happy for your baby girl
    I bet your baby is going to be as beautiful as you
    Omg Good Luck
    How many months
    I bet u have a big belly right now
    U must be sooooo happy
    I wish u and Adam the best future ever

  9. Heey Latoya and Adam! I’m really feeling the baby names, they seem cool. But I’m most definitely sure that you guys need to name her Jasmine, because my little niece is called Yasmine. and it’s really cute! And it’s also easy to pronounce, when you call your daughter let’s say. And overall it’s just a beautiful name. But I wish you guys a lot of success with your precious little daughter. And good luck with picking a name!

    Peace and blessings!

  10. I love that name I haven’t heard it before its unique to me and she should have a unique name.. Love you girl keep working hard

  11. I really love the name Jasmine.. its so divalious your daughter has to be introduced to Bratz ” Jasmine” lol…. i really really love your show . you porbably wouldnt read this but it was worth a try.. its my first time writing to you. love you xoxo

  12. I Love You So Much LaToya! Im Your Biggest Huntyy!! Baby Peanut Will Be Soo Cutee! I think she’ll look more like you than Adam.. I am soo excited its a girll! I like Zara.. Thats a pretty name. But I Love You So Much Huntyy Boo!! See You Laterr!!

  13. latoya!!!! HUNTYYY!!! WHITE GIRL HERREEEE!!! I freaking love you! your so gorgg!! and you probably the prettiest pregnant women ive ever see!!! NO JOKE!!! don’t worry about them girls at the gym! cuz you are 10000000000000000x prettier thank they are:)) love yaaaaa


  14. Baby names I like: Kailynn, Jaylyn, Marisa, Mason, Elainne,Dwaine, Aiden, Tyrell, Natalia, Aliyah, Janette, Alexis, Andria, Sirenna, Alyee, Alexia, Kristina, Kristen, Amaya, Peyton, Dahlia, Paige, Julius, Jonathan, Tatiana, Valerie, Faith, April, Fay, Linden, Angelica, Kira, Skylar, Dylan, Dorian, Devin, Cameron, Jordan, Nicole, Mia, Troy, Brandon, Christopher, Patricia, Diana, Lela, Rosalie, Dayna, Rose, Logan, Nathan, Jessica, Allison, Lauren, Adrian, Caleb, Janice, Ryleigh, Celeste, Natalie, Destiny, Lilliana, Kaileen, Juliana, Anrie, Leslynn, London, Morgan, Destiny, Destin, Sage, Kailee, Ashlyn, Kamrie, Kaysen, Kat, Leslie, Kyla, Kylynn,

  15. Jasmine is tooo common, I think u should think more outside the box but don’t got crazy or ghetto so I like Samia the best, then Zara but I don’t like Jasmine bc everyone has that name, u should b more original and creative like Samia.

  16. OMG. I love you Latoya. I cant wait to see baby peanut. I love the name Jasmine. I cant believe Im actually writing you this letter. I am a super huge fan on yours. My one and only dream is to meet you in person.
    From Zakyah aka Kyah

  17. Hey,
    I’m shyanne. Idk if your going to read this but I really hope you do! So this dosnt really relate to the name but i just wanted to say,

    I loved the new “sneaking up on hubby” blog I hope another one comes out super soon!!

  18. I love love love your videos! I look forward to them every week. You bring so much light and humor into my life. I cant weight to see baby peanut. I now she will be so cute. πŸ˜‰
    love you lots πŸ˜€ <3

  19. I chose samia because not alot of people have that name and ofcourse because its my name too but, also because it has a beautiful meanings.Samia has 3 meanings exalted,noble and much praised.

  20. Wass up Latoya!!!!!! Hey I just wanted to say that I’m so so so so so so sorry about what happened in ur vlog……….. BUT HEY! You still have time to make up with Adam and ur still pregnant. Don’t stress yourself it will only make ur pregnancy worse. So just relax and try to enjoy a smooth pregnancy. Also I wanted to say I’m a huge fan and can’t wait for peanut to come!!! Also I have a suggestion for a skit u can do for ur channel LaToya Forever! Ok so the skit can be…(drum roll please)…… HOW WOMEN ACT WHEN THEY’RE PREGNANT!!! Like how they act when they eat, watch TV, go to bed, etc. So I hope u can take my suggestion and just have a smooth pregnancy. BYE!!!

    From your fellow Crazy,

  21. Wass up Latoya!!!!!! Hey I just wanted to say that I’m so so so so so so sorry about what happened in ur vlog……….. BUT HEY! You still have time to make up with Adam and ur still pregnant. Don’t stress yourself it will only make ur pregnancy worse. So just relax and try to enjoy a smooth pregnancy. Also I wanted to say I’m a huge fan and can’t wait for peanut to come!!! Also I have a suggestion for a skit u can do for ur channel LaToya Forever! Ok so the skit can be…(drum roll please)…… HOW WOMEN ACT WHEN THEY’RE PREGNANT!!! Like how they act when they eat, watch TV, go to bed, etc. So I hope u can take my suggestion and just have a smooth pregnancy. BYE!!!

    From your fellow Crazy,

  22. Zara is very classy and great to hear and non commun. Jasmine makes me think about Aladdin in Disney and Samia is too much used at least in France. No offences but i
    I think Zara is the best choice but you are the parents you take the final decision

  23. I don’t think u should have handled the situation in that manner. you should have just went there quietly by your self with no camera and talk to Adam after observing the session and state how u feel about it but seriously though u need to stop acting so demanding, selfish and like u are the only pregnant woman in the world. Not only did u embarrass him but u could have also cost him his job. And if he quits his job and gets another one he is going to be training women too so what u need to do is trust him or u could sign up for his class so you can know what’s going on. I like jasmine by the way

  24. I like for the baby name to me Zara. Because it is unique and i love that name. You should really stop trashing YOUR FRIENDS!!!! Because when you need help in life your gonna need them. Or if you need advice and you don’t want to tell your parents your cousins or your family you need real friends like Ayanna because she will always be down with. Not the other girl with the mop on her head

    Love Baby Zara;)

  25. Hey Latoya and Adam!! Hope all is well!! I just wanted to comment on the name Zara!! It’s such a beautiful name, it’s my name of course! But I just wanted you all to know please stay with the spelling Zara because if you spell it any other way it’s going to be difficult and annoying to live having to repeat the spelling of your name over and over and over and over!! Small issue but just thought I let you know!!! Love y’all praying for y’all!! God bless

  26. Hayyyyy gurl!! I watch all your videos/vlogs and let me just say Huntaaayyyy!!!! Ur funny, cool, and always stylish and im just like you. You’re also my role model and ur amazing and u inspire me by telling us ladies wat we need to know. Lol but i hope all is well with ur first baby!! ^^ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ :-* and my vote is : Jasmine. (Btw i think its perfect and i think it suites u and “Rayshawn” AKA: Adam lol) but again i hope all is well though luv ya girly!!! and Godbless u!!! Remember) *I’m too blessed to be stressed*

  27. Latoya i love your video and blogs. You are so hilarious and sweet, i just love that about you! And you are honestly the cutest pregnant woman EVER. I cannot wait to see baby peanut. Love you lots xo Amaya~ <3

  28. LaToya Congrats on the baby girl. Now there will be another person in the world as beautiful, talented, funny,kind,caring,loving,selfless,and CRAZY as you. It will be so fun watching your little baby girl grow up. I hope you have a great and easy birth and just know that Adam/Rayshawn will have your back as i do even if you don’t know me and i don’t know you. I love your videos so much i’m subscribed to all channels and i follow you on twitter (@ronna_don). I support you 100% and i love how you stay positive and give advice on how to block the haters and let them not affect you. Because of you I am more confident. I used to think about all of the haters hating on my style my beauty and how smart i am. Everyone calls me a nerd and i take that as a complement. They know i’m smarter. This girl came up to me at school (6th grade) and said oh i know you you’re apart of the nerd squad. I wasn’t offended, in fact WE KEPT THAT NAME! I’m just wishing you and Adam the best of luck in the parenting world. I also want to show you how much you mean to me, inspire me and how much I look up to you at the age of 12 years old.
    ~with all love Ronaaliyah { Ron-uh-lee-uh } People say my name is hard to pronounce. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ <3

  29. It would be super cool if you read this!! I have 3 things to say:
    1. I’m a 13 year old girl and I absolutely LOVE my name! Clarke usually isn’t spelled with an e and it usually isn’t a girls name. It would be so unbelievably cool if you considered this name for Peanut. I know it’s a long shot but it’d be cool if you thought about it.
    2. I think how you name Peanut if you love all 3 of the names: Samia if she’s premature, Zarah if she’s right on time (I voted for Zarah πŸ™‚ ), and Jasmine if she’s late. That way, if she grows up and doesn’t like her name, it’s kinda like SHE chose that name so she can’t complain to you. Hope I helped!
    Clarke πŸ˜€

  30. Hi Latoya. My name is Yvlydnie but you can call me Yve for short. I’ve been a subscriber for while now and I really enjoy watching your videos. I’m so excited about baby peanut and cant wait to see her. I voted for Samia because its a cute name but I’ve been thinking about names that you might like. It’s a name I came up with from both parents name and it’s “Ladaya!!” Since your name is latoya I took the L and ya from your name and ada from Adam’s name. I don’t know what it means because I searched it up and found nothing. I hope you and Adam like it It’s pronounced la-day-a. I thought it was cute. If not Aaliyah is nice. My name is also made up from 3 people in my family and its neat because I’m the only that have it. It’s pronounced Eve-lid-nee but spelled Yvlydnie. Think about it. I hope I was a big help and that you like it. I have a YouTube channel but I’ll share it with you another time because the videos right now aren’t so great and in progress to be better. If you do get the chance to read this I wish you the best and God bless <3

    Love your biggest fan,

    Yvlydnie B. Mompoint

  31. Latoya I’m going to send baby stuff so I need to no were to send it if you can give me your information to send it to

    Love,biggest fan jaimee pearson

  32. Hi Latoya (pls god let this go to latoya) I like all the names but Zara sounds more tropical (ooh the baby should wear Zara clothing )and at first i thought we choose any name so i was gonna say Zaida but Zara was there and I think it would suit the baby girl.(btw I love your youtube channel)

  33. Heeey Latoya ,

    First of all congratz girrl that you are having a baby girl ! I tell you it is so much fun too raise them and all , you there little ponys and stuff . I think Jasmine is the best name for your baby.

    Mainwhile if you want to call me you can at 438-935-7441

    Bye πŸ™‚

  34. If you like more then one you can blend them for instance Samia Zara Ali or vise versa,just a suggestion, either waY all of the names you and Adam chose are beautiful

  35. Hey I know your busy. I just want to say CONGRATS HUNTYYY and RASHAWN. I m so proud of you guys for making a I already know gorgeous talented baby girl that will be a mixture of both of you

  36. Hey I know your busy. I just want to say CONGRATS HUNTYYY and RASHAWN. I m so proud of you guys for making a I already know gorgeous talented baby girl that will be a mixture of both of you

  37. Hi Latoya!!
    I love your channel <3 I just wanted to let you know that in Arabic, Samia is pronounced Sam (like the regular English name Sam) and Mia. The "a" in the Sam part is stretched out. Just wanted to tell you about other pronunciations πŸ™‚ xoxo

  38. Personally I believe Samia and Zahra are nice names. But because you wanted something unique why don’t you name your baby Ziola it’s a spontaneous and unique name don’t you think?

  39. My name is Zahra! It’s just spelled differently but it means flower in Arabic and I’m not trying gloat or anything but it’s an awesome name and I love my name. I’m sure she would love it too! I’m a big fan btw πŸ˜€

  40. Dear Latoya,
    I LOVE your youtube channel SO much. You are so outstandingly beautiful and I just love every little thing about you!!!!!! So I’ve been trying really hard to keep up on your videos but it’s just been crazy ridiculous in my life and I’m sure it is in yours to with the baby and all. And I really hope this comment goes through. But anyway I vote for the name Jasmine because I have an amazing friend named Jasmine. Here’s a little bit about how we met. I was 3 years old and I just got a new born baby brother and I was so so so so happy. I thought it was going to be the best thing ever and it turned out it was. And then the worse thing ever happened. I was diagnosed with neuroblastoma childhood cancer. A.K.A the worst form of childhood cancer. My hole life was on the the line. So my family couldn’t plan on anything it was a whole lot of well cross that bridge when we get there. But enough about me now how me and Jasmine met was she was in the same hospital as me and she had a brain tumor one day we decided to play together because what else would we do. But anyway we both survived and have had amazeing lives together and separately. We are now both almost 9 months post treatment and nothing has came back. So that is why I vote Jasmine. Also I want to say a couple more things, on your gender reveal video Adam said I don’t care the gender as long e as its a healthy baby. Ok I get you want a healthy baby and all I mean what good parents dont but I’d you think about it if that baby comes out not the healthiest you won’t care. If it’s not healthy and something happens to it like cancer it will make you love that baby even more. I mean think about it and I mean NONE of it in a bad way. My last comment is that I REALLY want to subscribe to your channel but I’m only 12 so my parents say I can’t have an account on youtube yet so there for I can’t subscribe. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE always remember to add one more person to your number in your head. I LOVE YOU LATOYA
    Alissa Rhoades (Ali)

  41. Hey, Latoya!
    I’ve been watching your videos for soooo long now! I was one of your first few subscribers. Times gone so fast, hasn’t it?
    I really like the name Samia, it’s a beautiful name and it’s not common.
    Jasmine; well, it’s a very common name!
    Zara; I don’t know. But I honestly like it aswell.

    So, I like the name Samia <3

  42. omg. name baby peanut samia, my little sisters name is samia and she jokes, crazy is the perfect way to describe samia my little sis, when you said u wana call ur kid that i was like wat a coincidence u shuld defo call peanut samia its perfect for baby crazy, Luv Yuu

  43. I really like the name Samia, but it sucks that the name is in last place. I really think the name Jasmine, is played out and very common. The name Zara is beautiful, but there are many people in this world with that name, and its also the name of a popular store. The name Samia in my opinion is the best choice it is unique.

  44. I love Jasimine or Samia .

    Omg latoya your my #2 favorite idol after domo wilson idgaf what nobody says your amazing . Omg i really want to meet but i stay all the way in deltona , florida thats very far ik . But please contact me whenever you read this 386 – 215 – 7559

  45. Jasmine because when our down its right there to pick u back up and when your sick it will make u feel better and also jasmine is a great fragrance and tea herb

  46. Oh and jazmine would be a great name, her birthdays could have an Aladdin theme,and jazmine will be just a beautiful as the flower Jasmin, her nick names could be jaz, jazzy,jazzy girl,jazzy boo,jay,JJ ,but I’m sure you will choose an awsome name because you are an awsome person and soon to be mom

    Ps- jazmine is my name too,there are awsome ways to spell it too, good luck

  47. I want her name to be Zara cuz it reminds me of my friend and I really wanna remember her name cuz their r so many names in your vids sometimes once I was like wait if he is Roshawn then who is Adam. So I have to remember her name and call me crazy but I have a feeling that Adam came up with Zara and Jasmine and Latoya came up with Shamia anyway they r all cue but I’m going for Zara

  48. I voted for Zara . I voted this name because to me it just seemed so unique. Plus there’s hardly lots of people named Zara. And the name is so nice and beautiful ( just like you). Hope you
    like the name little peanut.

  49. Hi LaToya. I love you’re vlogs they’re so educational and halarious. I didn’t vote yet I just hope baby Jasmine (hint hint) is healthy and as beautiful as you. Good luck with your new baby girl. Love You Hunty!!!!!!!!

  50. Latoya,i love u and ur videos and I love lil miss peanut and Adam I have been watching ur videos for a very look time. I would love to see u,hopfull u can come to London one day for a tour. keep it upp girl!!say hi to ayanna ,ron, chantel, rochelle,for me.love u always xxx

  51. I love your vids I love all of your baby names and you are the best youtuber I watch on YouTube. You are SOOOO cool…. I don’t care if u share this message with anyone πŸ™‚

  52. Hiiiiii Peanut! Latoya your baby is gonna be looking cute. I wish you the best and your gonna be a good mother. Adam and you may have your ups and down but you guys are perfect for each other. You two are a strong couple because you argue and forgive. And I love the name Jasmine because you can get items and products what her name on it. Go Peanut!!!!!!! Love you Latoya! And don’t worry Adam, LOVE YOU TOO!
    Instagram: Cassii891
    Follow me girrrl

  53. Latoya i watched every video u have on YouTube and i loved them I’m so happy adam got u pregnant because little peanut is a miracle baby girl i love u guys and have a blessed day bye baby peanut and latoya


  54. I really like you and my cozen is having a baby girl too!!!!!!!!!!! I hope u make more videos on youtube for us and I wish I can meet you but I live in las viges but im from cailfornia
    kik me on crazy_freacky_44 thx XD

  55. I love the name Zahra.. sounds so elegant and beautiful. Lol it just sounds like a gorgeous person! Im also expecting… me and my partner is experimenting with names, we have a girl and we like Savage ( Suh-Vau-J ) V a u making the long o song. Call her Vagy lmao. Opinions? :*

  56. Hey Latoya!!! Ok so I did comment already but I just wanted to say first of all UR BABY SHOWER LOOK AMAZING!!!! I just saw the vlog and u r so blessed with an amazing family and friends and Peanut gonna be the hot chic when she goes to school!!! Lol. Also I wanted to say that u r my favorite you tuber and I wish I could send u some stuff for Peanut but my mom said no…. Anyway I love u and Adam and I just can’t wait for the baby!!!! So of u want to reply can u do it in a vlog because 1. I’ve never had a shout out in a vlog and 2. Because I forgot the password to my email. So ya it rlly hope u read this and once again….. U R AMAZING!!!!

  57. I love the name Samia so much, its meaning is noble & it’s arab origin makes it even more special to be worn by your baby who has mixed origins.

    My name Soumaya which is the diminutive of Samia, maybe that’s also why I like it so much πŸ˜‰

    For the little anecdote, Soumaya (/Sumayyah) is known in the Islamic traditions as the first woman in history to be martyred for having adopted the faith of Islam,
    Samia however has no attachement to a specific person…Samia would be perfect for your little baby <3

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