Hey Huntys and Huncles! First thing. Go check out my newest main channel video:
Now back to today’s vlog. I start my day off with Adam as head down to our midwife appointment. Everything looks good I just want baby pumps out of me. Induce me someone!! lol okay I’ll be patient.. Afterwards, I did a little maternity shoot at my house with NeroBeauty and My home boy G-Ali. Follow them on their instagram pages. Did ya’ll like the shoot? it was simple and fun. Anyway, majority of the rest of the day was hanging out with my bestie Ayanna. We went to the mall, we ate, we then kicked it at A. Jillians house. We talking about aging. Does aging scare you? It scares me a bit but I guess it’s part of life. I pray we all age gracefully. Thx for watching today’s vlog and I hope to have you back for tomorrow’s vlog 🙂